• Australia’s newest Holocaust museumlocated in Brisbane’s CBD (168 Charlotte Street, Brisbane)
  • We are open on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 9am to 4pm (last entry is 3.15pm)

Online museum launched

The Queensland online Holocaust museum is a visually engaging, interactive, digitally intelligent, and immersive experience that brings the story of the Holocaust to life. Self-guided, free and easily accessible from a computer (not a mobile phone), the online resource is designed for an international audience and is accessible 24/7.

Visit now from your computer.

Coming soon in 2024

  • An innovative Holocaust museum that will tour regional Queensland

Germany, A sign on a Jewish store: Protect Yourselves, Germans, Do not buy from Jews. 

Yad Vashem Photo Archive, Jerusalem. Item ID 16972.

Never. Again.

We are intent on inspiring, educating and motivating Queenslanders and visitors to stand up against intolerance, antisemitism, hatred, racism and indifference and promote multiculturalism, acceptance and harmony. 

Through sharing Holocaust survivors’ voices and stories of lived experience, we share the events and facts of the Holocaust in a personal, emotional, factual and relatable manner.

Through sharing the voices, stories, lessons and the heartbreak of the Holocaust and other Genocides, we are driven to create a world that is free from antisemitism, racial hatred, bigotry and discrimination. 

Birkenau, Poland, An elderly Jewish woman supervising young children on their way to the gas chambers. 

 05/1944. item id:31588. album number: FA268/119 Archive number: 4522/31588. Yad Vashem Photo Archive, Jerusalem.


Physical exhibition

Visit the newest Holocaust Museum in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia located in a heritage building in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD.

We host artifacts and stories from Queensland survivors.

We are open Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 9.00am to 4.00pm (last entry is 3.15pm).

Sorella’s Story

The award-winning 360° immersive short film is set on the beaches of Latvia, telling 10-year-old  Sorella Epstein’s story, who perished at the hands of Nazi collaborators.

Online Museum

Our unique, visually engaging, interactive, digitally intelligent, and immersive experience brings the story of the Holocaust to life, using Queensland survivors to share their stories.

Traveling Museum (coming soon in 2024)

Our traveling museum will soon bring Holocaust education to schools and visitors across regional Queensland.

Photograph of Jewish women in Šķēde (near Liepāja, Latvia) on 15 December 1941 before their murder by Einsatzgruppen A and Latvian collaborators. 
Yad Vashem Photo Archive, Jerusalem.

News & Events

27 January 2023

United Nations International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

17-18 April 2023

Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Memorial Day

October 2022 media release

Queensland survivor Naomi Rother reflects on her childhood during the Holocaust