Warsaw, Poland, Jewish families arriving in the ghetto with their belongings.

Yad Vashem Photo Archive, Jerusalem. Item ID 10153.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Volunteering at a Holocaust museum can be a deeply moving and impactful experience. There are many opportunities where you can help our museum and its activities as we preserve the stories of those who survived the Holocaust, honour the memory of those who lost their lives, celebrate those who heroically saved Jewish people and acknowledge other marginalised communities victimised by hate and racism.

Volunteers are vital in supporting all elements of our museum. We need people to donate their time to assist with a range of activities, including:

● guide school groups through the museum

● undertake research for exhibitions

● help with regional activities

● assist with fundraising activities

● help with administrative tasks

● assist with oral testimonies

● assist with social media.

Guiding at our museum

One of the primary roles of a volunteer guide at our museum is to assist visitors. This may involve answering questions, providing information, or helping visitors navigate the exhibits. Guides also lead tours, give presentations, and participate in educational programs. Through these interactions, volunteers have the opportunity to share their knowledge and passion for the subject, as well as help visitors connect with the personal stories of the Holocaust and how they relate to today’s world.

We provide a complete training program and accreditation for our guides.

Other volunteering roles

We also need volunteers to be involved in other important tasks. For example, volunteers may help with research, cataloguing, or archiving of artifacts and documents related to the Holocaust and education. These tasks are critical for preserving the historical record and ensuring that future generations can learn from the lessons of the Holocaust.

Who can volunteer?

We are looking for volunteers from across Queensland who bring a range of skills, knowledge and experience. You could be a retiree, graduate, student, intern or job seeker.

To be considered as one of our volunteers you need to:

● be over 17 years

● obtain a Blue Card

● agree to a National Police Check

● commit to a minimum of one day per month

● undertake an education course conducted by the QHMEC, depending on your volunteer work

● sign an Agreement Form to commit to the values and policies of the museum.

For more information, contact the Volunteer Manager volunteer@hmq.org.au